The Family Heritage Trust Company provides a range of professional strategic portfolio management services and investment policy design.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Investment success requires time, not timing. This is why The Family Heritage Trust Company thinks long-term in our investment strategy and is not distracted by passing fluctuations or fads in portfolio management.

Time spent with each client allows us to understand your specific investment circumstances and objectives along with your tolerance for risk. With each client, we create a detailed investment plan based on your specific long-term goals, and are sufficiently flexible to adapt to changing life events and capital market conditions.

Our offerings include:

Investment Policy Design

The cornerstone of our wealth management approach is to help define our clients define their specific investment goals and to document them in an Investment Policy Statement. We cannot underestimate the importance of a well thought-out investment policy. An investment policy is a dynamic document, should be reviewed at least annually and revised as significant objectives and circumstances change. The investment policy must also be flexible enough to implement short-term investment strategies consistent with your objectives in light of changing capital market conditions.

Our investment policy design includes: