Equity Management

What is Equity Management?

In stark contrast to today's popular perceptions toward stocks, The Family Heritage Trust Company maintains a belief that our clients wish to own the common shares of a quality business with a mind-set to be an owner of that business. As a result, we assume a longer term perspective in stock selection to take advantage of the rewards of being an owner of a good business, and to take advantage of the favorable tax treatment of long-term capital gains. This does not imply that a passive "buy and hold" approach is employed, but it does mean that we do our up-front analytical work to identify long-term economic trends, and to invest in those companies that are likely to participate in these trends that often last for periods greater than one year. Our longer term orientation helps to promote low portfolio turnover and minimize transaction costs. We adhere to guidelines to ensure sector and issue diversification as a time-proven way to manage risk.