Diversified Investment Managed Portfolios

What are Diversified investment Managed Portfolios?

"Multi-style" and "multi-asset class" mutual fund portfolios are used for investors to achieve their desired investment goals. The Family Heritage Trust Company is able to deliver a truly progressive service in concert with one of the nation's leading mutual fund companies, Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), which features:

  • Eight distinct investment strategies, or models, spanning the risk and return spectrum.
    • 100% Fixed Portfolio (PDF)
    • 20/80 Conservative Portfolio (PDF)
    • 40/60 Moderate Portfolio (PDF)
    • 50/50 Portfolio (PDF)
    • 60/40 Balanced Porfolio (PDF)
    • 70/30 Portfolio (PDF)
    • 80/20 Moderately Aggressive Portfolio (PDF)
    • 100/0 Aggressive Portfolio (PDF)
    • All Portfolios (PDF)
    • Portfolio┬áReturns (PDF)
  • An Income portfolio to maximize total return by providing a steady stream of income.
    • Income Portfolio (PDF)
    • Income Portfolio Returns (PDF)

Who should use Diversified Investment Managed Porfolios?

Clients looking to invest in the strategy that is aligned with their specific return and risk profile should consider a diversified managed portfolio. Each investment model is comprised of low-cost, no-load institutional mutual funds offered by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). The benefit to you is a low cost way in which to invest in a diversified portfolio of quality, no-load mutual funds that have built-in due diligence of the funds and their managers. This ensures the model will always be managed to their established risk and return parameters.

Learn more about DFA

DFA's pioneering investment philosophy is summarized in the Efficient Frontier Investing Approach