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Diversified Investment-Managed Portfolios

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What are Diversified Investment-Managed Portfolios?

“Multi-style” and “multi-asset class” mutual fund portfolios are used by investors to achieve their desired investment goals. The Family Heritage Trust Company is able to deliver a truly progressive service in concert with one of the nation’s leading mutual fund companies, Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), which features:

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Eight Distinct Investment Strategies, Or Models, Spanning The Risk and Return Spectrum.

  • 100% Fixed Portfolio
  • 20/80 Conservative Portfolio
  • 40/60 Moderate Portfolio
  • 50/50 Portfolio
  • 60/40 Balanced Portfolio
  • 70/30 Portfolio
  • 80/20 Moderately Aggressive Portfolio
  • 100/0 Aggressive Portfolio
  • All Portfolios
  • Portfolio Returns
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An Income Portfolio to Maximize Total Return by providing a Steady Stream of Income

  • Income Portfolio
  • Income Portfolio Returns
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Who Should Use Diversified Investment-Managed Portfolios?

Clients looking to invest in a strategy that is aligned with their specific return and risk profile should consider a diversified managed portfolio. Each investment model is comprised of low-cost, no-load institutional mutual funds offered by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). The benefit to you is a low-cost way in which to invest in a diversified portfolio of quality, no-load mutual funds that have built-in due diligence for the funds and their managers. This ensures the model will always be managed according to its established risk and return parameters.